Maintenance and Operational Solutions

As organizations undergo growth and change, their operational needs change as well. Q Services & Technologies’s maintenance and operational staff not only makes facilities more productive, but also offers flexibility to adjust to change. More importantly, we delivery guaranteed results at a predictable cost. From food service to floors, we deliver customized maintenance and operational solutions to your door.

Following are just a few of the many type of services we provide:

  • Military Family Housing Maintenance – such as painting, roof & siding repairs, flooring
  • Military Housing Renovation – reconstruction and replacement services
  • Parks and Lakes Operations and Maintenance – conservation of plants and facilities
  • Hospital Antiseptic Maintenance – sustaining prescribed guidelines for health facilities
  • Moral Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Operations – staffing for entertainment outlets
  • NCO & Officer Club Operations – providing food service in comfortable surroundings
  • Bowling Alley and Movie Theater Operations – staffing for entertainment facilities
  • Full Food Service Operations – supplying tools, equipment and staff for daily dining
  • Hotel and Motel Operations – staffing and supervising lodging facilities
  • Re-Forestation Services – planting, thinning and trimming, pest control, erosion management and general maintenance